Spider-Man No Way Home: MCU Peter Powers Origin Explained!

Spider-Man No Way Home reveals Oscorp doesn't exist in the MCU... but then how did Tom Holland Peter get his powers, exactly? Thanks to Immi for sponsoring this video! Go to https://thld.co/immi_newrockstars0122 and use code NEWROCKSTARS at checkout to save $5 on your order!

The MCU version of Peter Parker played by Tom Holland ever since Captain America Civil War (2016) has never fully addressed the character's origin, other than a few references to his spider bite. Now, Spider-Man No Way Home confirms that Oscorp doesn't exist in the MCU, leading many fans to now ask how exactly Peter received his powers in the MCU. Erik Voss breaks down everything we know about Peter Parker's timeline and history with Tony Stark and the other Avengers, and gives the best explanation for how this version of Peter Parker could have gotten bitten by a gamma-irradiated spider without Oscorp.

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