Speed vs Quality - 7 Tips to Increase Both

Speed vs Quality - What’s most important?
- by https://www.marketing360.com/

We’d argue speed is quality and quality is speed. Meaning, the faster your speed, the higher your quality! Here are 7 tips to increase your speed.

1 - Speed of response and communication - How fast do you get back to your leads? How fast do you respond to your customer’s requests? Think about your speed of response and communication and how you can get faster in those areas! This will greatly improve your overall customer experience, satisfaction, and sales.

2 - Speed of service and delivery - How fast do you provide the products and services you offer to your customers? The faster you can deliver your products or services the higher your perceived value will be. Brainstorm ways you can improve your speed in this area.

3 - Speed of turnaround and revisions - When your customer has a change request, revision, needs to exchange a product or service, etc., how fast do you respond? This is an area many companies are slow to respond. Don’t be like other companies! If you are really fast in this area it will result in a much better experience and reduce negative reviews.

4 - Speed of feedback - How fast and often do you ask for and respond to feedback from employees and customers? Don’t wait for annual surveys or employee reviews. Create a culture that embraces real-time feedback. This allows you to get better much faster.

5 - Speed of meetings - How long are your internal meetings and customer meetings? Time is money! So avoid long meetings if at all possible. 15 minute meetings is best to target. This forces you to keep the meeting high-value. Shorter and more frequent meetings are better than longer and less frequent meetings.

6 - Speed of trainings - How much time do you spend in training for new and existing employees? Try to speed this up. The faster they can start driving productivity and value the better! So simplify your training as much as possible.

7 - Speed of culture - Make speed a big deal at your organization. Focus on speed in everything you do and make it clear that speed is quality and quality is speed!


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