Speak More Clearly Review - Group Coaching Lessons For Employees

Daniel is the CEO of Klugo small Australian company that provides expert consulting services. He believed that communication has a big part in running their business. He was concerned about his employees who can speak English well but needed to work on their pronunciation and understanding. He is getting continuous feedback that their employees are hard to understand. Until he discovered our courses and lessons.

0:10 - Communication is a very big part of what we do
0:24 - Their English is fine but it was with their pronunciation and understanding
1:04 - We discovered Speak More Clearly late
1:19 - We seem to notice that they are now communicating well
2:12 - This type of service will allow me to select somebody
2:59 - I would recommend it

Benefits Klugo achieved from group coaching with Speak More Clearly:
- significant improvement in competence
- noticed that their employees are speaking well
- they're now more involved with discussions
- they've come out from their shelves

Our trainer helped Klugo's employees to build more confidence and let them communicate well with their clients and it helped build up their team environment. Daniel is now confident to put them in front of their customers.

Daniel will be adding this training as one of their employees' benefits from now on.

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