SPE Live: Maximize Success in Your Energy Job Hunt

Join us for this rebroadcast SPE Live focusing on maximizing success in your next energy job search. As the workplace continues to evolve in the “new normal”, the workforce is adapting its job-hunting skills to find future employment in the virtual age.

This panel discusses key topics that can help you land your next job:
• To reinvent or not to reinvent?
• What is the role of my virtual profile?
• How to deal with automated (bot) recruiting; and what are the most effective approaches to virtual job hunting?

Guests include:
• Amanda Rico, Résumé & Editorial Specialist, Rico Editorial
• Dan Saleh, Managing Director, Element 6 Recruitment
• Pauline Greenidge, Founder and Principal, Upward HR
• Susan Howes , Vice President of Engineering, Subsurface Consultants & Associates, LLC
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