SpaceX's Engine Explosion Factory

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SpaceX has revolutionized the space industry over the last 20 years. And with Starship development ramping up, things are about to get even more incredible. But many people don’t know about SpaceX's testing facility in McGregor and how it played a key role in getting the company to where it is now. This video looks at the history of the McGregor site and how SpaceX is continuing to expand it.

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Music used in this video:
» February - Middle Mountain
» Pond - Life
» Go Down Swimming - NEFFEX
» See You - Maxzwell
» Sprightly Pursuit - Cooper Cannell
» Eternal Garden - Dan Henig
» Secret Conversations - The 126ers

Written and edited by Ewan Cunningham (
Narrated by: Beau Stucki (
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