South Philly’s Members Only Italian Social Club

This members-only restaurant is tucked between residential row homes in south Philadelphia.

Besides a small red neon sign outside, nothing indicates there’s a 100-year-old Italian eatery that serves as a time capsule for south Philly’s Italian immigrants. To get into the dining area, patrons must tap a buzzer and give their membership cards to a hand extending through a hole in the entranceway’s second door.

Watch owner Joey Baldino give MUNCHIES exclusive access to Palizzi Social Club, show how its incredible food like spaghetti with crabs, caesar salad, and delicious grilled octopus is made — and hear why preserving his heritage and neighborhood’s history is more important than ever to him.

With “house rules,” including things like “no blogging, reviewing, or tagging on social media,” Palizzi Social Club is the definition of “word of mouth.”

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