Soulmate (Interview)

Jaelina Holthof was two years old when she was misdiagnosed with cystic fibrosis. Her entire childhood she never believed she would make it to be an adult and always had a fascination with death and dying. She eventually met her future husband, William, online and they talked for a year before finally meeting in person. That same weekend of meeting in person for the first time, they moved in together. The couple was thrilled to find that Jaelina had been misdiagnosed as a child, and Jaelina finally felt her fascination with death and dying faded. Unfortunately, death and dying came back into the picture with what was to come with her husband. Although William had dealt with some illness in his life, he passed very unexpectedly one evening. Jaelina shares the many surprising ways that prepared her for William’s passing, and William has shown Jaelina in multiple ways over the last three years that he is still with her. She shares some remarkable signs and continuing communications with her husband, as they continue their relationship as soulmates.

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