Some considerations about vaccine mandates and worker rights

Get the jab or lose my job, what do I do? There are answers about vaccine mandates and worker rights. I have seen an uptick on some of the worker and employee rights videos on my channel. I am assuming this is because of the recent calls for vaccine mandates, employers mandating vaccines and or course worker rights. I decided to make a quick video talking about this difficult decision. Getting vaccinated is an easy decision for some and an extremely difficult one for others. It is important that everyone make informed decisions. Especially when it comes to life altering subjects such as employment and health. The two things every worker needs to do is consult their healthcare provider and of course if they feel their employee rights are in question, a lawyer.
Keep in mind this video focuses on the vaccine mandates for employees in Canada.
There are plenty of very good lawyers out there. I have looked at a few and here are some links that might springboard your research:
Samfiru Tumarkin LLP Employment Lawyers
Website: ,
They also have a very informative YouTube channel -
A couple of links from DLA Piper which also may be of some use for you:

The video mentioned, about worker rights -Basic Worker Rights In Canada - 7 Minutes of Safety -
A link to the whole playlist - Worker Rights and Responsibilities -
**Some additional health and safety resources:**

Incident Investigation Theory and Practice

Seven Minutes of Safety Collection
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