Social media पर Viral हुए ex-Twitter employee का Elon Musk और layoffs पर धाँसू interview

In an exclusive conversation with Fiiber, Yash Agarwal - ex-Twitter employee, talks about the new Twitter owner Elon Musk, company's founder Jack Dorsey and Twitter's 2022 layoffs where a lot of employees lost their jobs. Watch full conversation.

0:00 Intro
0:29 Who is Yash Agarwal?
3:15 Role at Twitter India
4:03 Culture at Twitter
7:30 The day Twitter employees were sacked
9:10 Role of Twitter management
10:30 Was Twitter overstaffed?
11:40 Viral photo and post
13:05 Reaction of Twitter employees
14:02 Jack Dorsey and accountability
16:44 Nature of Twitter layoffs
18:10 Did Twitter pay sacked employees?
19:36 Life after Twitter
22:10 Message to youngsters
22:52 Message to Elon Musk

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