So Much Fraud

Senator Warren wants IRS to build online tax prep; Alliantgroup antics date back over a decade; Crypto lender Celsius has its "desk broken"; Chasing ESG scores may be a mistake; and more!

00:00 CAP 288 - So Much Fraud
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00:23 Preview
01:07 David is back from vacation
08:30 Celcius bankruptcy
12:21 Thank you to our sponsor, LedgerGurus
13:21 Three Arrows Capital founders go missing
18:01 The largest CFTC crypto fraud yet
20:43 More fraud stories
23:57 Accounting professor charged with tax evasion
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27:37 Alliantgroup update
36:57 Were the Comey and McCabe audits targeted?
39:51 Thnak you to our sponsor, Canopy
41:01 Senator Warren intorudces bill to make filing taxes easy and free
45:10 What the AICPA has been up to
49:43 The 150-hour rule for CPAs
55:33 Takeaways from AICPA's ESG symposium
01:00:01 Did ESG contribute to Sri Lanka's troubles?
01:04:48 Listener mail
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01:18:42 Royalwise Solutions
01:19:13 Oh My Fraud: A True Crime Podcast for Accountants
01:20:11 How to advertise in these classifieds
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