Snapshot to "Passing Job Interviews: Toughest Questions & Answers!"

In the upcoming videos, I will be telling you everything you need to ace job interviews! What are the common questions that recruiters ask and how to face them; the Dos And Don'ts, strategies, techniques, and mindsets to crack & face interviews.

Click on the link below or click on the end screen card to watch the video!
Passing Job Interviews: Tough Questions & Answers

Hi, I am Isabelita Castilho, an Executive Career Advisor!
I support executives during their career transition by providing complete guidance and techniques to land a new job. This includes enhancing LinkedIn profile presence, personal branding,  finding the hidden (unpublished) jobs, strategies for the posted jobs, networking with target companies, approaching headhunters, and preparing for job interviews.

A hypnotherapy certification has allowed me to help my clients to overcome emotional burdens and mind blocks for a smooth life and career transition.

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