skin as clear as crystals*˚

clear skin

some of the benefits
♡ I am confident in my skin
♡ My skin is clear, healthy and radiant
♡ I take good care of my skin
♡ My skin is changing for the better
♡ My body nourishes my perfect skin
♡ My skin is moisturised and soft to the touch
♡ My skin is constantly healing
♡ I treat my skin with love
♡ I accept and love my skin
♡ I love my skin no matter what
♡ My skin has a gorgeous and natural glow
♡ My calm skin reflects the tranquility of my mind
♡ I am blessed to have skin as smooth as silk
♡ My skin is flawless
♡ My skin clears up daily
♡ I am healing my skin from the inside out
♡ My clear skin adds to my attractiveness
♡ I have my desired skin and face
♡ My skin is free from infections
♡ My skin tone is perfect
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