SiTUATE Structured On-the-Job Training Webinar: Unleashing Employee Expertise

Watch this recorded webinar with Ronald L. Jacobs, Ph.D., well-known professor of human resource development and global consultant, who first introduced structured on-the-job training (S-OJT) while a professor at the Ohio State University in the 1980s. His book “Structured On-the-Job Training: Unleashing Employee Expertise in the Workplace” has become the standard guide to help organizations and nations implement this training approach. Ron’s most recent book, “Work Analysis in the Knowledge Economy: Documenting What People Do in the Workplace for Human Resource Development” (2019), is based on over 30 years of research and practice, and has again become the foremost resource on this important topic.

As an informational workshop, participants will learn about the key features of S-OJT, which has become one of the most frequently used training approaches globally, and the numerous case studies that demonstrate its impact on training efficiency and effectiveness. No other training approach has shown the same potential to lower training times, reduce defects and rework, and increase employee retention.

Ron is also excited to unveil SiTUATE, the digital version of S-OJT. SiTUATE gives organizations the added flexibility of delivering critical on-the-job training whether the trainers and trainees are face-to-face or in remote locations. In addition, SiTUATE provides templates for conducting the oft-times difficult but necessary job and task analysis. This information is seamlessly integrated into the training guides and the end-of-training performance checks. All of this adds up to a complete training system that meets the requirements of most quality management systems.

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