Singles Read (stEE-Harmony #17) - 3 scenarios here, a co worker in love, A player, & a lonely Hermit

These are readings for outside your twin-flame/deep soul connection. Each reading my not resonate with everyone. There are too many of you on different life timelines and living different places etc. Whether it resonates or not be sure and pay attention because you don't know if something doesn't resonate now whether it might in the future. And you might need the advice/acquired wisdom down the road... -- Cheers

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These are GENERAL/LOVE and in most cases Timeless tarot readings for your sun, moon, rising, or Venus signs. Be sure and check my playlists for a mix of ALL monthly and timeless readings available. I WANT TO REMIND EVERYONE THAT TAROT IS FOR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY AND ONLY THOSE 18 AND OVER! MAKE YOUR OWN DECISIONS, BE YOUR OWN PERSON! I'm just reading energies and translating them through the cards, nothing more!

I read the cards intuitively by the energies around them. Remember these are general readings so they may not resonate with you but it is always a good idea to stick around even if it seems like it doesn't because you did find the reading which means it's possible there's just one little thing in it that you need or needed to hear.

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As I said earlier comments are always off on this channel. I need to conserve my energy and I don't have time to police a bunch of comments and approve this or approve that. I'd rather focus on giving all of you (those who want them) good, thorough readings.

Always remember you have free-will, make your own decisions in life. Tarot, especially general tarot readings like these here online are for entertainment purposes only. Opinions expressed are my own.
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