Simplilearn Reviews | Upskilling to Get an Analyst Job + 90% Salary Hike | Meet Our Learner, Shourya

Shourya Mishra lives in Pune, Maharashtra. Having worked in multiple IT professional domains in the past 3+ years, Shourya is currently working as a QA Analyst at PTC. He pursued an Automation Testing Masters program from Simplilearn.
He wanted to enhance his understanding and knowledge in the field of automation domain to take a career transition in the same. Therefore, he took the Automation Testing Masters Program from Simplilearn to upskill himself. After completing the course, he got his domain changed in the previous organization in the automation department itself. After working for two years there, he switched his company and received a promotion as well as a 100% hike in his salary.

Here's the story of Shourya Mishra in his own words.

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