Simple everyday life: Daily vlog - Job search, Attending job interviews, Taobao unboxing, IKEA trip

Daily vlog, simple daily life.
Started the week with a heavy heart because I am worried about the impending unemployment. Trying to lift myself up by listening to uplifting sermons or praying. You can't reason the fear away sometimes.
This is also a week of spamming job applications and interviews. I am that person who sent out 100 job applications. Okay, so far I've not reached 100 yet but easily 50 applications at least. And I've started attending job interviews starting from last week. So far there's no offer yet but at least there's some which I have proceeded to the 2nd interview. Most interviews were online through Teams calls or Zoom calls but there's also 2 which required me to go for face to face interviews. The face to face interviews took up a lot of time. COVID has changed the way things are being done and companies who don't keep up will be at the losing end.

Also got my Taobao parcel. Not that I shopped this 2 weeks but there were some earlier orders that have been delivered to the warehouse so I consolidated the orders and shipped them out. I got a strips blouse, some new pillow cases in muted beige and green and checkered, as well as 2 polka dots cups that was so cute! I love the cups. But they would be my last frivolous purchase for a while until I secured another job. No more shopping therapy to relieve stress. The ending work contract really put a halt to my spending. Maybe it's not such a bad thing too.

Went for a face to face interview on Wednesday afternoon. Had 3 online and phone interviews before that, so total of 4 interviews . Boy I feltso drained at the end kf the day!

I had 2 interviews scheduled on Thursday.
I tried to present myself in a presentable way before each interview. Washed my hair so that the hair looked neater, changed to a more presentable blouse rather than t-shirt, put on some light make up, etc. I believe first impression counts, no matter what.

Make a spontaneous trip to IKEA on Thursday after all the draining job interviews and work. Just wanted to get a beige bedsheet and I really only got the bedsheet and not other stuff like what I usually did. The other "other stuff" I bought was Swedish meatballs because IKEA. Careful with my spending now. Made an anyhow dish of stirred fried broccoli and egg and had it together with the meatballs. That passed off as a somewhat acceptable dinner. And the short work week has ended. Praying for the best and job offers soon!

Taobao buys:
Polka dots cups: 【淘宝】

Pillowcases : 【淘宝】

Strip blouse: 【淘宝】

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