Should Your Organization Have Annual Performance Reviews? | Jacob Morgan

I’m not a fan of annual performance reviews.


Let's start with the timeliness. Annual performance reviews are talking about stuff that happened months or a year ago. Imagine talking to your spouse or significant other about something they did 6 months ago. I'm much more in favor of real-time feedback.

Another problem with annual performance reviews is people don't like doing them. Employees basically have to keep track of everything they did for a year and it's a stressful, intense situation that nobody likes.

Lastly, annual reviews don't motivate, engage or inspire people. In fact, a lot of people describe annual performance reviews as a soul-crushing exercise. That doesn’t sound fun.

The only reason we’ve been doing these things is because we're so used to them.

We should move towards more real-time recognition, feedback, and conversations the same way we use these things in our personal lives.

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