Should You Write An Executive Resume Without Knowing What You Want To Do

I will write an executive resume without a direction. [DISCUSS BELOW]

Why? Not every senior professional has the luxury of knowing what they want to do next.

Some are so buried in their current work they can’t see past 2 hours from now, never mind what they want in their next career move.

Some are in such toxic environments, and they need time and space before even doing a job search.

And it doesn’t all have to be bad…Some want to take the time to explore what’s out there…because they never had the chance to their entire career, and NOW is the time to do so to make their next 5-10 years of their work-life the best yet.

So yes? You can write an executive resume without a direction.

Most executive resume writers won’t do it…but I will. Under one condition….

I mention it in today’s video.

Do you think I’m outta my mind?

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And if this resonated with you, before you even consider writing an exploratory resume, book “Career Therapy” Consulting time with us here to help you get unstuck and into an exploratory mindset:

As I mentioned in the video. We aren’t therapists or doctors, but we will help you get unstuck so you can get movement to explore.
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