Should I Rate My Skills on My Resume?

Should I Rate My Skills on My Resume?

A common resume trend is for job seekers to rate their skills by including a visual scale displaying their competencies. As a Professional Resume Writer, I don't recommend this practice as you could actually damage your chances of getting an interview. Learn the 3 reasons you shouldn't rate your skills on your resume.

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0:00 - What is "Rating Your Skills" on Your Resume?
0:58 - Reason 1 - By Rating Yourself Lower on Some Skills, You Communicate a Lack of Skills
1:30 - What a Resume "Skills Rating Scale" Looks Like
1:56 - How a Hiring Professional Would View a Skills Rating Scale
2:49 - Reason 2 - The Rating Scales Don't Mean Anything to a Hiring Professional
3:10 - There is No Criteria for the Skills Ratings
3:38 - Hiring Professionals Tend to Be Skeptical
4:00 - Write About Achievements Instead
4:15 - Skills Rating Scales Aren't Compatible With Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS)
5:00 - Conclusion - No Benefits to Rating Your Skills on Your Resume
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