Short Talk Practice, Meeting the USCIS Officer for Interview | Small Talk | US Citizenship | N-400

We will prepare you for a conversation practice today because the USCIS officer may ask you different questions before getting inside the interview room or office. On the day of your naturalization interview, the USCIS officer could ask you a few questions before the start of your citizenship interview. With these simple questions, the immigration officer can start testing your ability if you understand the English language. It’s important that you will be able to give the correct responses so that you’ll be able to show to the interviewing officer that you can understand basic English in order to pass your naturalization interview for American citizenship.

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This educational video will guide you step-by-step in passing for the naturalization interview and test for your American or U.S. citizenship.
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This is based on a real situation of what an applicant may experience during an interview with a USCIS or immigration officer. This will give you an insight on what to expect from a naturalization interview, however, every interview is unique and your upcoming interview might not be the same from this example.

If you are well-prepared, the interview and tests are not difficult. We have educational videos for the Civics Test where you can practice the USCIS official questions like if a USCIS officer is in front of you, asking the civics questions since this is what will happen during your naturalization interview. In this way, you'll feel the actual setting of your upcoming naturalization interview and help you get well-prepared for it. You can test yourself if you have mastered the Civics Test just by watching or listening to our Civics Test videos below, keep on watching these below even if you are doing something like cooking, cleaning something or exercising, just like listening to music.
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Speak clearly during your interview (not too fast). The USCIS officer needs to hear and understand you. Simply speak confidently at a normal rate and tone.

Always try to make an eye contact since this will show to the officer conducting your interview that you are confident and truthful.

Answer each question in a direct, short and truthful manner. Remember to answer only the questions being asked and never interrupt the officer. Allow him or her to finish every question. If ever you need more time to think, simply inform the officer.

The officer that will be assigned to your naturalization interview must be courteous and professional. He or she must repeat or rephrase the questions if you request him or her to do so until such time that you will understand the question. If ever the USCIS officer is not very accommodating and nice, don’t be discouraged, you can still pass your U.S. citizenship and naturalization interview as long as you are well prepared for it.

If you think that the officer assigned to you is very rude or has wrongly denied your application, you have the right as an applicant to complain to a supervisor. Please note that this will not affect your U.S. citizenship naturalization application.

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