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Hey! Here's another video on how to shift realities/ reality shifting. This video is about clones, waiting rooms, shifting subliminals and more FAQ's!
FYI, Reality shifting also goes by quantum shifting! Many people are shifting to Hogwarts (for Draco) and to Anime :)
IMPORTANT: The Raven Method isn't the only shifting method out there. If it. doesn't work, don't be disheartened! There are lots to try :)

Remember, shifting is something we can all do. It isn't a special power or inherited trait. Please be open-minded, and I promise you'll start to understand the world around you through a perspective that you never knew was possible :)

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0:00 -Welcome
0:56 -Shifting recap (kinda)
1:21 -Waiting Rooms
2:33 -Clones
5:01 -Subliminals

~Frequently asked questions~ (6:40)
6:44 -Can I feel pain when I shift?
7:01 -Do. I count out loud?
7:06 -Can I go to Different realities?
7:14 - Can the Raven Method Cause Sleep Paralysis?
7:47 -Is tingling part of the shifting process?
7:59 - If I'm in my DR for a month, how much time passes in my CR?
8:22 -Can you script to go to a place you don't know much about?
8:35- What happens when someone tries to wake me up and I'm in my DR?
8:54 - Do I HAVE to shift at night?
9:19 -How do you get back?

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