SharePoint Intranets - Creating one that works! (Engagement & Productivity)

How do you create an intranet that works and that your people keep coming back to? You need to consider both engagement and productivity.

In this packed demo we take you through the successful elements of a intranet that works!

00:00 Start
00:10 Who is this webinar for?
02:39 Why do we want an intranet + Intranet Charter
05:23 Introducing our intranet
08:42 Defining Engagement
11:20 News - The New Joiner
12:40 Company Townhall
14:45 Email News Digest
17:43 Creating News from Template
22:08 Employee Feedback
24:47 Social Area
29:45 Productivity - Targeted Links
30:25 Search + Excel in SharePoint
34:38 Marketing Collateral
37:31 Accessing Knowledge
40:15 Productivity Summary
41:38 Q&A
47:25 Next Steps
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