Seymour Bernstein on Beethoven: Technique & Interpretation (Interview at the piano)

Join legendary pedagogue Seymour Bernstein for a fascinating and funny interview and lesson on Beethoven, hosted by tonebase Head of Piano Ben Laude.

Ben plays two beautiful slow movements for Seymour that bookend Beethoven's oeuvre: the early 'Adagio Cantabile' from his Pathetique Sonata, Op. 13, and the Bagatelle 'Andante, Cantabile e grazioso' from his final piano work, Op. 126.

Equal parts enlightening and entertaining, Seymour targets Ben's physical and expressive approach to interpreting Beethoven at the piano, searching for just the right rubato and helping him find the most poetic way to deliver each phrase.

To view the complete interview, as well as Bernstein's many repertoire lessons click here:


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