Sex and Labor Trafficking, Dr. Nissi Hamilton

Dr. Nissi Hamilton is a human trafficking survivor, advocate, and award-winning human trafficking expert. Nissi is a victim of generational sex trafficking; her mother was murdered as a result of human trafficking.
Her children were taken from her by a governmental agency, and were placed in the custody of her trafficker, which is not unique to trafficking victims/survivors. Nissi advocated for herself and her children and was successful. Her challenges in life have empowered her to advocate for those that are in her previous situation. Nissi believes that through her life’s journey God was preparing her for the job he wants her to do- help others. Through her for-profit organization ‘A Survivors Voice of Victory’/ Nissi’s Closet she is able to free young black girls from the enslavement she once experienced. She provides: emergency shelter, clothing, food, job training, resume writing, G.E.D. assistance , jobs, computer classes, cooking lessons, and cash incentives for survivors who are enrolled in school , and most importantly reunites mothers with their children.
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