Sex Addicted Prostitute | INTERVIEW

An interview with Adriene. She has been struggling with homelessness for a couple of years. She's a mother of four, but can't be with her children to her substance abuse and inability to provide them with a stable home.
She talks about what her life's like right now as an occasional sex worker and where she would like to see herself in the future.


I'm Ramin, a regional truck driver from California.
Being on the road, driving for hours gives me the time, freedom to think and lets me be in a healthier state of mind as finding balance is something I've struggled with in the past.
It also allows me to explore new places and spend time with my dog.

I have a bachelor's degree in Psychology and Master's degrees in School Psychology and Special Education.

In another life, I was a school psychologist and worked with special needs children. I also worked as a special education teacher for sixteen years.

I've also worked with a foster agency for a number of years, fostered children, worked with group homes and have remained in contact with some of my kids, now adults, to this day.

In the past, I've struggled with addiction to what felt like a point of no return.
I have since joined AA and gotten professional help for the issues I've dealt with my whole life. It's an on-going, never-ending process, but I'm better and life is better for which I'm grateful.
I've been sober for eight years now.

I've always had a fascination with the human mind, study of behavior, especially addiction behavior.
I was always doing research on addiction when I was involved in the education sector. Although I've switched careers and don't know when I'll go back, I've continued my research. My personal research has included videographic interviews and documentaries since before YouTube existed.

In recent years I've noticed how more and more of my past students are now living under unfortunate circumstances and dealing with homelessness and/ financial struggles have lead them to pursue sex work to make ends meet.
I try to offer them help to the best of my abilities.

However, I know that there are more stories and individuals out there in need of help.

As I continue to document these individuals and their unfortunate struggles, I decided to share their stories on YouTube, with their explicit permission.
This channel is for educational purposes to spread awareness on homelessness and the perils of addiction.
I hope we can build an online community where we may provide immediate and direct help to the individuals I speak to.
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