(Severely Edited Version of) GTAA Season 3 Episode 35--Sorry, Link to Full Version in Description!

[We've never run into any issue like this playing and commenting on content from YouTube but apparently Spotify is a lot more aggressive about IP. Sorry about that! Up until we stop talking about the Rogan appearance and Union Jake comes on this is chopped up to the point of absurdity to get around the copyright claims. Full version is on the Patreon but available to everyone whether you're a patron or not: https://www.patreon.com/posts/63206623 ]

Ben Burgis was on the Joe Rogan Experience last week so obviously we'll talk about that and play some clips but the main event tonight is a crossover w/the Valley Labor Report podcast to debunk the terrible arguments in employer-sponsored anti-union propaganda. Should be a fun one.

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