Settlement through Employment

The second most popular Canada Permanent Residence pathway is the Employer driven Program. Under this program, people with work experience can use the Canadian job market to obtain a job from a approved Employer which could lead to Canadian Permanent Residence. There are two major Canadian Permanent Residence pathways through the Employer Driven program. If you visit the Canadian Government website, you can search for AIPP or the Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program and the RNIP or the Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot. These two programs offer permanent Residence pathways through Employer driven program. Today we are going to discuss the AIPP program, a very popular employer driven program for Canadian Permanent Residency. Under this program, the employer must apply and get approved by the Government to take in foreign nationals. They become something called Designated. Once designated, the employer can hire foreign nationals if they do not find the right employee in Canada if the foreign nationals meet some requirements like at least one year of work experience and a little knowledge of French OR English. English requirement is only around 5 in IELTS. Once the employer hires the foreign national, the foreign national is referred to a settlement provider who discusses a needs assessment service which will result in a Settlement Plan. The Settlement Plan and the Endorsement of the employer is filed with the province which approves the endorsement. Once approved, Permanent Residence and Work Permit is processed simultaneously. Polinsys hosts a separate event once a month on employer driven programs. This is a Specific program, and it is separate discussion entirely. You can subscribe to any of those FREE Zoom sessions here:
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