Setting Up A Private Pension Through A Limited Company | Self Employed Pension UK (& £40k giveaway)

For a while now I've been considering setting up a private pension as part of my limited company, and now I've set one up with Penfold. I'll do a follow up video once I have a bigger pot, and I've used the platform for a min of 6 months but this is an initial look :) If you'd like to try them out, and enter into the £40k pension giveaway, you can do so here (You'll also get £25 into your pension if you use my code PANDABOSS
(minimum contribution of £25 required, Penfold will pay in £20 and £5 tax relief will be applied).

Pension giveaway: Giveaway dates - 21st February, 2022 to the 4th April, 2022. Terms and conditions apply. Please check website for details.

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