Serene Calm Life Subliminal

╰─► benefits ࿔₊•
• Booster
-have a serene life
-have a calm life
-always have positive vibes
-always have positive thoughts
-attract positivity
-attract good friends
-attract nice strangers
-surrounded by positive people
-easily manifest your desires
-attract desired clothes
-attract desired friends
-attract desired partner
-attract money
-travel wherever you want
-travel whenever you want
-have your desired life
-attract your desired job
-easily pass interviews and auditions
-heal from trauma
-immune to scams
-immune to pressure
-immune to debt
-Immune to sickness
-immune to stress
-immune to negativity
-immune to creeps
-immune to abusive people
-immune to bad vibes
-immune to theft
-immune to criminals
-immune to Karen’s, negative people, anxiety, depression, mental illness, worrying and pain
• Permanent results

╰─► tips ࿔₊•
        • Stay Hydrated
        • Listen to a booster
        • I always use positive affirmations
        • Listen 4-5 times or for an hour
        • Listen at 50% volume
• Can listen out loud/sleeping
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