Senior JavaScript Interview Questions for 2022

So you’ve been writing code for a while, you can deliver without issues and you’ve put your eyes on a Senior JavaScript position. Maybe you want to make more money (senior devs take earn almost double the salary of a mid or junior one), or you want to take on more responsibility or you want to lead others. But as soon as you start interviewing, you find that being a good coder is not enough because Senior JavaScript interviews are all over the place.

Even though you have been grinding Leetcode problems and reading books like cracking the coding interview to get an offer, you still haven’t got something decent. The thing is when you interview for a senior javascript position you can’t expect to get away with common questions like hoisting or differences between let and const. The reason someone is looking for a senior javascript developer whether that is frontend or full-stack is that they need someone that can not only get the job done but truly understand the fundamentals of the language.

This is why senior javascript interview questions might drive you a bit crazy as they look nothing like the code you are used to writing on you daily basis.

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theSeniorDev.com is a software training platform specialized in helping software developers working with JavaScript accelerate their journey to the Senior developer level.

Starting from scratch in 2019 with just a few mentees, theSeniorDev.com has grown to help dozens of frontend, backend, and full-stack JavaScript developers giant total confidence in their technical skills, accelerate their journey to the senior level and increase their salaries.

I believe that the “traditional way” of improving your technical skills as a developer by doing online courses, reading long books, memorizing interview questions, and searching the web for advice is broken. It is creating robots, not thinkers.

Programming jobs offer mostly no training, nor mentorship. Traditional software development courses focus on particular technologies and libraries. None of them addresses the real struggles software developers face every day, such as impostor syndrome and being underpaid.

Our mission is to revolutionize this old way and create a new paradigm where software developers learn online from industry leaders, use their own experience as a teacher, and get paid well in the process. Without endless hours surfing the web, we want to allow ordinary software developers to become extraordinary engineers.

We’re training software developers every day to excel and become insanely good at what they do best, which is writing software. We want fewer coders and more professionals.

We’re two years into the mission and have helped 130+ developers move into better-paying positions for better companies all over the world. Some of our students passed the senior level and are on their way to becoming tech leads, architects, and CTOs.

The best part is we’re just getting started!

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