Sending SMS Text from Power Apps

Sending SMS Text from Power Apps

Hey Everyone,
This video will introduce you how to send a Short Message Service or SMS text via Power Apps canvas app and using a Twilio connector. The demo includes how a manager is able to see all the employees who report to her/him and can select to which employee the text message must be sent.

I also deep-dive in how you can collect important metadata which is also used to verify if the SMS text messages have been sent successfully.

Note: I am not affiliated with Twilio.

Table of contents
- Introduction 0:00
- Introduction to Twilio 1:04
The trial and Pay-As-You-Go subscription 2:02
Setup the connector 2:27
Introduction to the SharePoint online list 2:53
Demo 5:07
Three screens and built responsive using containers 7:30
Main Screen 7:53
Send SMS Screen 8:11
Review Screen 8:39
Collection in App OnStart 8:58
Main Screen 9:40
Gallery 9:40
Icons 10:32
OnSelect 11:34
The data connectors 12:10
Hamburger menu 13:32
Send SMS Screen 13:55
Top navigation 14:05
Gallery 14:38
Save icon 17:24
Review Screen 27:05
Gallery 27:20
Icon 27.:28
Conclusion 31:20

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