Self Determination: What it is and how to get it | IHSS Video | Full Recorded Live Stream

IHSSadvocates hosts Meira Amster from the Amster law firm to discuss what self-determination is and how to get it.

Self-determination is something that is a hot topic ever since June 5th of 2021 when it became open to all regional center consumers. It's a program that provides individuals with autism, cerebral palsy, epilepsy, intellectual disabilities, developmental disabilities and their families with more control and flexibility over the services and supports that they they need. Self-determination is a voluntary regional center program that provides participants with an individualized budget at which they can use to purchase the services and support they need to implement their person-centered plan and individual program plan.

For example, participants and families may purchase services from traditional providers or local businesses, hire support workers directly, or negotiate unique arrangements with groups and individuals and their communities.

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