seizure medication in a nutshell

POV: you just got on a new seizure medication after the first one caused severe OCD, and after only a few hours your brain takes the saddest memory it can find off its bookshelf, you start crying, you think it's a perfect time to record a cover and *channel those emotions* even though you look just as bad as you feel, you sound like crap because your nervous system fails you, and then you start crying because the music does its job and makes the sad memory flood your heart all at once.

yet... you feel happy, because it's still better than the OCD. you thank God for giving you the hope and strength you'd been praying for.

and even though you think the love of your life has been gone for years, you trust in God. God tells you to trust the tiny little portion of your heart that knows someone great is coming - someone you couldn't have even dreamed of.
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