Seed company Interview | Agriculture Seed industry Job Interview Questions | PD Classes

Seed company Interview | Agriculture Seed industry Job Interview Questions | PD Classes
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Seed industry/ agriculture seed manager
It's contributes to food security and nutrition
It's contributes quality improvement
2 types of seed production are varietal seed production and hybrid seed production
Who is father of seed technology?
Badrinarayan barwale
Why do you want to join seed industry?
I belong to a farmer family , my main subject is agriculture and favourite topic is anatomy
what is seed ?
Seed is fertilised ovule consisting of intact embryo, food , seed coat
It is viable and has capacity to germinate in a favourable condition
What are the difference types of seed ?
Nucleus seed , breeder seed , foundation seed , certified seed
Examples of epigeal germination?
Mustard, sunflower , onion
Examples of hypogeal germination ?
Gram , lentil , cereals
what is dockage ?
Impurity percentage of seed
What is formula of real value of seed ?
What is seed dormancy?
What is formula of pure live seed ?
What is difference between stratification and scarification?
What is isolation distance for certified maize ?
200 m
What is test weight?
Weight of 1000 seeds
What is seed index ?
It is weight of 100 seeds
When was the seed act pass ?
Types of seed dormancy are primary, secondary and enforced
What is grading?
The processing of seed is known as grading
How is varietal purity checked ?
By grow out test
technical knowledge In Seed industry that a candidate has concerning
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