Season 3 Episode 6 An Interview with Jacob Hess

Today's Topic – More or less Jacob Hess. You may have caught his first book, The Bright Abyss. Jacob tells stories that are going to be reaching into your darkest fears and your deepest belongings. He wants to connect with you through his stories in a way that many other writers don't bother trying and where we were lucky enough to get them on the show. So without further ado, an interview with Jacob Hess.

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Podcast Show Flow Warmup Hello is there anything else you would like people to know about you? Do you feel Orc or Elf today (Note in most worlds elves are considered nice and orcs are naught. Feel free to use any race that comes to mind. ) Main Feature: (A Conversation about these topics) Tell us about your latest work? How do you connect your worldbuilding back to The Story? When did you know you had a love for worldbuilding? Tell a STORY about how you knew you love building worlds. What was your “I can” experience? Biggest achievement to date? When you learned of it. What was its impact on your progress as an author and a worldbuilder? What real-world advice do you wish you had known sooner? Tell a quick STORY about some task that could have gotten you started sooner as a writer Character Building: What is your formula for a great character? What do you dislike about character creation What is your number 1 tip about character creation? Wrap up: Thank you so much for letting us interview you today. How can people learn more about you? Please check out Jacob E. Hess’s Website and join his newsletter

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