Searches in NetSuite

What do you know about searches in NetSuite? What is the difference between a NetSuite simple search, advanced search, and saved search? How are permissions in NetSuite set for searches to ensure that users are accessing only the search results that are relevant for their jobs?

This video answers all those questions, and more! As part of our ongoing SuiteAnalytics series, this video is the first in our exploration of the searches side of SuiteAnalytics. In upcoming videos, we'll get more into the weeds of searches, looking at the exact nuances of simple searches, advanced searches, and saved searches.

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Also, if there's an aspect of SuiteAnalytics that you are particularly struggling with, let us know in the comments, and we'll see about incorporating your suggestions into future videos!

00:00 Types of Searches in NetSuite
00:28 Simple and Advanced Searches in NetSuite
01:25 Saved Searches in NetSuite
02:20 Setting Permissions for Searches in NetSuite

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Are you more of a blog-reader than a video-watcher? No problem—you can read our blog on this topic here: https://suiterep.com/2022/10/25/an-overview-of-searches-in-netsuite

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