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Many contractors using QuickBooks Desktop need to match bills to invoices that they have been placed on as billable costs to a client or job. You can find bills for each job very easily. However, once a bill has been placed on an invoice, you cannot know which particular invoice the bill has been added to. Opening neither the bill nor the invoice will tell you. However, if you use the “memo” field, you can index your bills and index your job invoices so you can reference the bills and invoices by opening one to find the other. You can search by the memo field for the bill number or invoice number that you type in; you will see how it works great in this video. This is the best method of finding billable expense once they were placed on an invoice. It’s also the best way to look at an invoice and know which particular bills have been added as job cost reimbursable from clients.

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Any self-employed contractors or small business construction companies can benefit from this contractor’s playlist course using QuickBooks desktop. This is because most of these types of companies have-long term contracts that they record percent complete as they make job estimates and invoices towards the percent complete from that job. The desktop version of QuickBooks makes things like payment deposits from clients, upfront payments for job deposits can be easily recorded to help assess job balances and what’s currently owed from customers. So track your profit and loss by job and even bill clients for expenses and worker’s time that relates to the client's job. These are all contractor features that QuickBooks desktop makes easy for bookkeeping in a small construction company or self-employed contractor. All these topics and anything else a professional contractor could need will be in this full playlist.

Here is the Contractors set up file playlist as a warm-up for this course:
QuickBooks For Contractors, Set Up Contractor File

You can do this in QuickBooks Online for contractors as well:

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