Schadenfreude | Episode 309 (October 8, 2021)

In this episode we’ll bask in the glory of the satisfying confrontations of corporate democrats Krysten Sinema and Joe Manchin. They’re getting heckled on yachts, airplanes, and even in bathrooms—and it’s a beautiful thing! We’ll also discuss revelations from the Facebook whistleblower, the Pandora Papers, how Alabama will be financing new prisons, anti-vax stupidity, Dave Rubin’s grift, and whether or not Russell Brand has gone to the dark side. We’ll also chat with 2022 candidate Isiah James about his campaign and Sam from the ‘Reset Race’ network swings by to drop some knowledge on us about the racial wealth gap and reparations. Enjoy!

0:00 Introduction, Shoutouts, Episode Preview
3:00 Kyrsten Sinema Heckled in Bathroom
12:40 Right-Wingers Defend Sinema
23:30 Sinema Gets Heckled AGAIN
31:47 Manchin Confronted on His Yacht
42:52 Facebook Knowingly Profits Off of Hate
51:14 Pandora Papers
56:24 Dave Rubin’s Grift Game is Weakening
1:07:03 Anti-Vaxxers Act Predictably Foolish
1:18:06 COVID Vaccines Reduce Transmission
1:25:20 What’s Going on with Russell Brand?
1:45:12 Hickenlooper’s Conflict of Interest
1:54:02 Caitlyn Jenner: GOP Was Embarrassed of Me
2:00:27 Alabama Builds Prisons with COVID Money
2:04:42 Interview with Sam of ‘Reset Race’ about Reparations
2:54:44 Interview: Isiah James Discusses His 2022 Campaign
3:17:11 Outro

Vaccinated People Are Less Likely to Spread COVID:
Facebook Was Out for Hours:
Pandora Papers Reveal How Elites Hide their Wealth:
Read the Pandora Papers:
Joe Manchin is a Modern Day Coal Baron:
Caitlyn Jenner Says GOP Leaders Were Embarrassed to be Seen with Her in Public:
Alabama Governor Signs Bill to Use COVID Relief Funds to Build Prisons:
Vaccinated People Are Less Likely to Spread COVID:
COVID Vaccines Saved Nearly 40k Elderly Lives:
COVID Vaccines Saved 280,000 Lives Overall:
Hickenlooper, Who Owns FB Stock, Asks How Changing the Algorithm Will Impact Company’s Profit:
Has Russell Brand Pulled a Dave Rubin?:
Data on Black Wealth Inequality:
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