SCCIJ Webinar: “Standing Out in the Post-Pandemic Talent Marketplace”

Countries such as the US are experiencing what has been described as ‘The Great Resignation’ which saw a noticeable uptick in resignations following the pandemic. With the bargaining power shifting in favour of employees, many are seeking greener pastures with opportunities for better pay, flexibility, and autonomy. Although Japan has not seen as dramatic of a shift, the past two years have brought immense changes to the workplace and labour market. What do professionals prioritise in employers these days and how can companies adapt to new realities? Mr. Jeremy Sampson, Managing Director at Robert Walters Japan & Korea, will discuss the future of the hiring market in Japan and share how companies can stand out post-Covid to attract the best talent.

Webinar held on Zoom on June 21, 2022, at 12 PM (JST).
00:00 - Welcome remarks & introduction of the Speaker (SCCIJ President)
02:27 - Presentation (Mr. Jeremy Sampson)
36:16 - Q&A

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