Saudi news today - Fine for Trafficking, NEOM exhibition, Problem for illegal workers, Covid update

#rjworld2020 // Video # 444// 1st August 2022 #saudi #saudinews #NEOM #theline
0:00 Saudi update
0:09 NEOM to showcase THE LINE designs to the public at Jeddah exhibition from today till 14th Aug. Link to book free ticket belowwwwwwwwwwww. In Video is said "170 meters", Its "170 Kms"
2:08 Be careful of unknow person 15 years in jail, SR1,00,000 in fine for trafficking in persons.
2:54 Saudi Arabia arrests 12,632 illegals in a week.
4:44 No hiring of workers with criminal record; no deduction of recruitment fee from salary
5:26 Saudi covid update
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