Sanctions, Employment, and Labour in Iran

Sanctions have had a significant impact on Iran’s labour force, pursuing many people out of work and degrading the quality of employment for many of those who remained employed, especially women and other economically vulnerable groups. Iran offers a key case study for the impact of sanctions on employment and labour relations. In this panel discussion, three experts on Iranian labour politics and state-society relations will examine the outlook for the labour force in Iran as the country’s economy remains stagnant. The panel will unpack the condition of “precarity” facing many Iranian households and explore how economic grievances are being expressed.

The panel includes:

-Pooya Alaedini, Associate Professor, University of Tehran
-Zep Kalb, Visiting Fellow, Bourse & Bazaar Foundation
-Valentine Moghadam, Professor, Northeastern University
-(Moderator) Djavad Salehi-Isfahani, Board Member, Bourse & Bazaar Foundation

This webinar was convened by Bourse & Bazaar Foundation visiting fellow Zep Kalb.
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