Sananda Maitreya | Riky Rick Interview

Dear Fellow Travelers,

I was asked, following the most recent demise of our South African friend Riky Rick @rikyrickworld to post a salutary comment on his behalf. But having been moved by the spirit of his exit from this layer of our dimension, as well as the conditions accompanying it, I felt it best instead to directly record a message that might speak to the many of us who’ve taken their own turns dancing with the enigmatic & mercurial dragon of depression, as well as to its debilitating capacity.

We spent this day of February 26, 2022 addressing the matter in a manner that appealed to the moment, straight from the heart. You will pardon (I should hope) the raw nature of this attempt to reconcile our emotions with the immediacy requested by his many fans as well as the outpouring of love & affection our fellow artist earned with the earnestness of his art & life.

We should ask that you understand that we are coming from a place of the best intentions to assist & serve, though it may not quite be in alignment with much of our collective social programming. We also dedicate this response to ALL who struggle with death & its aftermath on Riky Rick’s behalf.

And further to other pressing issues at hand we add something uttered by the great & beloved American Philosopher Marvin Gaye: ‘WAR IS NOT THE ANSWER FOR ONLY LOVE CAN CONQUER HATE’.

Much Love & Light,
Sananda Maitreya


There are those called upon to be what can be referred to as ‘Spiritual Warriors’ & it is a part of the service to at times be called upon to do battle with ‘Dark Forces’, & the times all too often illustrate that we are living through such a time when more will is required to persevere through. Sometimes Dark Forces win, but only temporarily since light conquers all in the end.

And this isn’t by any means a flippant endorsement of taking one’s own life as we’ve sought to make clear that in any event, ‘Wherever We Go, There We Are’. And dealing with our issues here, where we do not have ‘Home Field Advantage’ only strengthens & sweetens the victories we achieve. And by working through our issues HERE, NOW, we further loosen the bonds that strangle the spirit allowing for much more favorable scenery & conditions when our time is called to move on to the next life, the next dream.

Never be afraid to seek help where it can be found. There are multiple philosophies, medicines, doctors & compassionate professionals more than willing to assist us in slaying the dragons that spellbind with vexations & mean spirited dogma.
As well as many whose love surrounds us if we are only willing to let it in to accompany us through the dark passages of our valuable time on the earth, in this dimensional reflection of ourselves.

Most of all COURAGE because it is true that Steady Wins the Race & even the darkest clouds must pass after the rain has been dumped from the skies. After which, New Growth Awaits & New Crops Begin.

Sananda Maitreya
Milano, Italia
26/27 February 2022.

#rikyrick #warisnotthanswer

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