Salespeople Are Turning to This Method to Level Up Their Sales Game

If you’re wondering how the best salespeople level up their sales game, we’ve got you covered.

You can no longer rely on old methods to get superb sales results. We’ve seen salespeople butchering deals because they still haven’t made the switch to the new model of selling.

NEPQ™ (Neuro Emotional Persuasion Questions) is helping salespeople close more deals that lead to a significant increase in their sales commissions.

Our guest Randy, is proof that NEPQ™ works. Although named one of the top 10% of new salespeople in their company, he still felt something was amiss in his old sales method.

Upon joining the advanced training, Randy compared his selling method and saw how different and effective NEPQ™ is.

NEPQ™ is the way to go for any salesperson looking to level up their sales game. Make sure you hit the play button to delve deeper into this discussion.

In this episode, we cover:
• [0:00] Introduction
• [3:25] Randy shares his background in sales
• [5:45] How Randy generated leads
• [7:01] What selling was like for Randy prior to NEPQ™
• [8:00] Why Randy’s previous way of selling put people on guard
• [11:15] Selling is collaboration
• [12:16] How prospects started to react when Randy started selling using NEPQ™
• [13:49] Situation questions
• [14:29] Problem awareness questions
• [21:15] Solution awareness questions
• [23:23] Consequence questions
• [26:10] The reward of learning objection prevention
• [27:40] Commitment questions
• [28:49] Randy’s words of advice

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