Saigon & Havoc on Squashing 15 Year Beef, Kanye, Nas, Biggie, Ice Spice (Full Interview)

In this full-length VladTV podcast by Saigon and Havoc, they start off by explaining that they are going to cover everything related to the culture. Saigon started off by speaking about the tragic passing of Takeoff, and he addressed how PnB Rock just passed away weeks prior. Havoc then pointed out that he’s old enough to be Takeoff’s father, which made the situation more tragic to him. Speaking about the early rumors about the situation, Saigon spoke about gun training. Havoc explained that he understands people protecting themselves, and he agreed that the owner needs to be trained. Havoc and Saigon spoke about hitting innocent bystanders in their past, and Saigon questioned how guns are so easily accessible nowadays.
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