Safeway Employee Discriminating Against Instacart Shopper

This employee is named "Tony". He is employed at the Safeway supermarket in Arcata, California. The employees of this supermarket have harassed, threatened, and discriminated against me for well over the past year.
I have reported the incidents to the store manager as well as the corporate management but no action has ever been taken to protect my safety or Civil rights.
On June 1, 2021, an employee named "Tyler" of the Arcata Safeway pointed and swung a butcher knife at me when I asked for assistance finding a package of turkey hotdogs. That same employee harassed and threatened me while I was attempting to go to the store restroom. He went so far as to tell me what time he gets off work that day and challenged me to meet him in the parking lot for a fistfight.
Another employee challenged me to a fistfight in the parking lot after asking for assistance reaching a 1/2 gallon of milk that was inaccessible.
On November 30, 2021, I was verbally assaulted and threatened by a Safeway employee named "Michael" who was intoxicated in the parking lot and began verbally assaulting me, and harassing me. He too wanted to fistfight me in the parking lot of Safeway.
These people have even harassed and threatened me at my private residence. This video is just one small example of the discrimination, harassment, and abuse that I've had to endure as a private and Instacart shopper in this store. It is truly disgraceful because I've been shopping at this same location for over 10 years and I've spent well over $50,000 in this same store. This video shows how the employees of Safeway have zero respect for customers. Especially non-union Instacart shoppers.
Please stand with me to expose, and put an end to the dehumanizing discrimination that has become synonymous with Safeway supermarkets.

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