RWC Community Webinar : Regulating Artificial Intelligence

RWC Community Webinar : Regulating Artificial Intelligence | The EU Draft Law

10th September 2021
Speaker :
Dr Lau Pin Lean
Lecturer in Bio-Law
Brunel Law School
Centre for Artificial Intelligence: Social & Digital Innovation
European Association of Health Law

Moderator :-
Richard Wee
Darren Lai

As a follow up to the previous RWC Community Webinar on AI and the Law, Dr Lau Pin Lean returns to have a chat with moderators, Richard Wee, and Darren Lai, about the EU Draft Regulations for Artificial Intelligence.

It is important to note that these Regulations, and our AI and the law series do not address dystopian, science-fiction narratives like the Terminator and the Matrix from popular film culture. Instead, we are concerned with AI systems that have become part and parcel of our daily lives, and the manner in which it has permeated our technological present and futures.

The EU Draft Regulations on AI is likely the world’s first most comprehensive piece of legislation that deals with the governance and regulation of AI, and is likely to have far-reaching impact on businesses and economies even beyond the scope of the European Union.

In this talk, Pin Lean will take us through a basic high-level overview of the Draft Regulations and its broad extraterritorial scope of application, and the risk-based approach that the European Commission has adopted in relation to AI systems.

We will discuss how these risk-based approaches could possibly apply in hypothetical real-life scenarios, some of the challenges that are likely to be faced, and whether there is adequate protection of fundamental rights and liberties.

Finally, we speculate how the draft Regulations may impact on businesses, large and small, even beyond the EU.

Uploaded on 20 September 2021
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