Russell Brunson Explains How To Get His Attention, The #1 Marketing Skill, & His Weird Diet Habits.

Russell Brunson is the KING of online marketing...

Sales funnels, webinars, hook - story - offer, Clickfunnels, if you have heard or used any of these things, chances are it is because of Russell Brunson...

So, the question is, how do you get the attention of someone like him?

And not just for a second, but how do you get it for long enough to have HIM ask to come on YOUR show... and then ask YOU to come on HIS show...?

Well, not only did both of those things happen for me, but Russell and I have become close friends over the last 2 years, and in this episode, Russell shares HIS side of the story of what it was like being Dream 100ed by me (Josh Forti).

Plus, he share a ton more secrets on storytelling, marketing, mindset, weird diet habits and more!

Tune in for this exclusive 2 hour interview with RUSSELL BRUNSON!
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