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Reddit rSlash Storytime r prorevenge where my dad’s girlfriend would constantly invade my privacy and try to get me in trouble so I framed her for using drugs (even though she was actually on drugs but I couldn’t prove it). Parking lot revenge Driving your car through my pile of leaves the first few times might be funny, but not after the second time. I'm holding up your free deli meal ? My bad! Crapy parking job -- crapy time getting out job required me to be present without any actual work, used the time to harass and pee off scammers My neighbors wouldn’t stop smoking on the balcony. I bought a super soaker. Pass the buck then say i have to prove myself to you? Enjoy the fines Stealing beer for a party I’m not invited to? I don’t think so he/she stopped drinking in my water jug after what i did Oops.. Steal $500? I steal it back and get you kicked out of college. Stiff me on overtime? Queue the long, expensive, revenge. I got my childhood bully arrested

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