ROSES LXXIX Sarah Jewell University of Reading "Can awareness reduce (or even reverse) home bias?"

The seventy ninth Reading Online Sport Economics Seminar (ROSES) by Sarah Jewell of the University of Reading, presenting "Can awareness reduce (or even reverse) home bias? Evidence from International Cricket”.

This was an online seminar, the seventy ninth sport economics one, hosted by the University of Reading, in the time of coronavirus, as a means for researchers in the field to present their work, and interact with like-minded scholars on a regular basis during lockdowns and social distancing and isolation around the world.

This event took place on December 3 and was the seventy seventh online seminar. If you want to join these events, please contact James Reade ([email protected]). They take place via Microsoft Teams each Friday, 2:30​​​​​​​​​pm-4pm UK time.
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