Robert Mies: How the Open Hardware Obeservatory (OHO) can help publish hardware

A presentation from the 2022 Open Hardware Summit.

In this talk, the OHO team from Berlin, Germany shares knowledge and insight derived from their work within the first year since their foundation as an official association in Apr. 2021 in Berlin (DE). Their vision is to create an international community of people that - similar to Wikipedia - builds and develops a knowledge platform for free sustainable technical knowledge. This means to be a platform in the same way as Wikipedia which is available for all people worldwide in many languages and thus contributes to making technical and economic development on our planet more sustainable. Selected focus areas of renewable energies, makerspace machines, and technology transfer to the Global South will be highlighted how OHO engages to document and peer-review reference projects. Key objectives of OHO will be presented and reflected according to their current state.
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